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Pastor's Message and Special Activities

November, 2016

Who turned 131 years old? Our church, Springfield Christian Church. Like all aging people, the church ages with grace, but the church still needs a constant health check. We are not just talking about the building maintenance of the church. According to  Matthew 18:20, the Church is a “gathering” of people like YOU and me. Every single individual member like “U” builds and forms  our CH_RCH.

How are “U” doing? This is a very common question. We answer (“Good”) every day without paying any attention. Are we paying attention to our spiritual health? If we are healthy in our spiritual growth, then our church gets healthy because of our commitment, passion, faith, and spiritual maturity in Christ. Many people confuse spiritual health (faith in Christ) with perfection. I am glad Romans 3:23 reminds us that there no perfect humans. We all have fallen short of the glory of God and saved by the grace of God. The good news is church is not for perfect people / ministers.

Can I continue being IMPERFECT? As Christians, we are called to be disciples (followers) of Christ taking up our broken and imperfect cross each day and following Christ. Ephesians 2:8 explains that our imperfections and brokenness reminds us of the grace of God and the need to gather in God’s name in a place we call “Church”! We imperfect humans need to constantly be fed spiritually as we grow in the image of Christ.

What are you doing towards your healthy spiritual growth? The six biblical pillars or teams at Springfield Church help you grow in your Spiritual journey. The six are: Worship, Christian Education, Membership & Evangelism (Fellowship), Missions (reaching out with God’s love), Buildings & Grounds (Care for God’s Temple), and Stewardship (Using my talents, skills, and resource for God). Come and grow with us at Springfield Christian CH_RCH, as we look up to the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ!


A Springers Thanksgiving

Springers will meet Tuesday, November 15, at 10:30 AM to celebrate a Springers Thanksgiving.  Originally, Chuck Tibbs and Cookie were going to bring us some special music, but now it looks like it may be only Chuck, but he said he would be prepared.  Certainly one thing we are very thankful for is that Cookie is on the mend, and we hope she will soon be back with us.  So, prepare or buy a covered dish or dessert, invite a friend and join us on the 15th of November.  Until then, think of something that you are thankful for… not the usual family, health, etc. (although they are good), but something that we may never have taken the time to appreciate.

Gathering of the Greens

During the week of November 27 through December 2, we will be gathering greens for the Hanging of the Greens service on Sunday, December 4.  We will need small leafed magnolia, English or small leafed boxwood, Leland Cyprus, and yew.  If you have any of that or can cut any, please put it in water or bring it to Wayne’s to put in the canoes.  We will make the greenery on Saturday, December 3, at Al Schulze’s home.

Family Advent Activity

All children, youth, and families (parents and grandparents, too) are invited to our Advent activity on Sunday afternoon, November 20, following morning worship.  Lunch will be provided, and Mrs. Kristen Salmon will lead us in making several crafts that we can take home to enjoy and some that we will use as gifts when we do our Christmas caroling. One craft that we will be doing is “Paint Our Own Pottery.” Each person wanting to paint needs to bring $3.00 to cover the cost of the materials and firing.  If you think you and your family might be attending, please let Nancy, Kristen, or Louise know so that we will have an estimate of how many will be attending and what materials will be needed.


Stewardship is a way of life – a way of life lived in gratitude for all the gifts that God has given us.  It involves our need to give rather than our giving to a need. Sunday, November 6, is Stewardship Sunday; it will be a day when we will celebrate our many gifts from God and how we can use them to care for others and further God work.  There will be a brief Congregational meeting after church to answer questions about the asking budget followed by a delicious luncheon.  Everyone is invited to attend.  The next two Sundays, November 13 and 20, are designated as Commitment Sundays when you will be able to make your pledge of financial support to Springfield and its many ministries. Join us as we dedicate God’s gifts to us to His service.


A Fellowship luncheon will be held after church on November 6, 2017, for the entire congregation.  This luncheon is hosted by the Finance Committee and kicks off our Financial Commitment program for 2017.  Sundays, November 13 and 20, are Commitment Sundays.  Please read carefully the letter and proposed asking budget that you will receive in the mail and prayerfully give consideration to the amount of money you hope to commit to the work of the church for the 2017 church year. You should place your commitment card in the offering plate on one of those Sundays or mail it to Springfield Christian Church, 18285 Vontay Road, Rockville, VA 23146, in care of the Financial Secretary.  All commitments are confidential and the envelope should be marked “Confidential Commitment.”


Mission to Hanover Day is scheduled for Saturday, November 12.  Mission to Hanover is our opportunity to help people in our community as we winterize homes and do minor repairs and yardwork. Again this year there will also be the opportunity to volunteer at Liberty Middle School and Patrick Henry High School. Springfield has volunteered to help, but we have not received our assignments at the time of this writing.  As soon as we hear more, we will inform the congregation but please consider taking a few hours of your day on the 12th to help with this program.